Oh, man. These two are pure joy. Will and Olivia have quickly become some of our closest friends in Clemson, and I am so honored to be photographing their wedding this June!! 🙂 Bonus: Rob is a groomsmen, so that makes it even more fun! We wanted to go somewhere super special for their engagement photos, so we adventured a few hours out to Craggy Gardens packed with snacks and blankets…and then grubbed down on burgers in Asheville afterwards. True friendship. I love that we caught the end of fall and the beginning of winter in their images. Will and Olivia snuggled up, danced, and laughed all over the Blue Ridge Parkway, and it was so fun to document. It’s crazy how fast they can go from super goofy, wide-open laughing to extremely sweet and romantic. I just love them so much. More than anything, Will and Olivia love Jesus and invite others into their lives to display his love and truth. It’s been a blessing to witness, and I am convinced that their ability to serve others will only grow throughout their marriage. Much love for the future Mr. and Mrs. Ray!

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