These people bring me so much joy. Leo was the only friend we had when moving to Clemson, and I’m so thankful that it bonded us all together. We have had the pleasure of walking with Leo through different seasons of life and faith. I’ll never forget when Leo came with us to Christmas in Arkansas with Rob’s family and him telling us that he felt really ready for a wife but trusted God’s timing. He went back home to Colombia a few weeks later and came back all giddy talking about Sandra. 🙂 He told us how they were on a worship team together at church growing up and ANNOYED one another. Probably more than annoyed…more like strongly disliked. LOL Thankfully we all grow up a lot from high school (seriously, thank you Jesus!) and when they ran into each other in Colombia, they realized they actually enjoyed being around each other. Leo proposed when Sandra came to Clemson to visit in October, and they’ll be married in March in Bogota, Colombia!

Their engagement session at the Botanical Gardens was so fun! They spoke in Spanish pretty much the whole time and even prayed in Spanish, thanking God for bringing them together and for sweet time together in Clemson while I was photographing. That was a first for me, and it made these images even more special. I can’t wait for their wedding in Colombia and for Sandra to move to Clemson! ❤ Much love for these dear friends of mine!

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