If you are reading this, I’m assuming you are somehow linked to the world of weddings! What a gift!! Whether you are recently engaged, have ten friends getting married in the next year, or work in the wedding industry, I believe this post will be relevant to you. I decided to write this post, because many friends and family have asked me why I became a wedding photographer and want to understand what it’s like. I also wanted to write this for brides and grooms looking for a photographer and those who are connected to weddings, in order to explain what is going on inside the mind and heart of the photographer. In writing this series I am drawing from my own experiences as a wedding photographer as well as dear friends in the industry who have shared their hearts on the subject. Every photographer approaches their craft and clients differently, and I believe that it is important to hire or work with a photographer that embraces the thoughts I’m sharing below!

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I hope that you enjoyed reading about the most important aspect of wedding photography, service. Although service can take many forms in the planning process and especially the day-of the wedding (like running to grab water for the bride and groom when you know the first look is outside and you know it is going to be HOT or carrying the bride’s bouquet when walking to different locations so she can hold her dress), I think that service and today’s topic are interconnected in a lot of ways. So, today I want to continue my series “The Three S’s of Wedding Photography” with a topic that I love: storytelling.


We all love stories, whether telling, listening, or reading one, because they move us. They make us think and emote as we reflect on life, shared experiences, and our own stories! As a wedding photographer, people trust you with the incredible honor of documenting one of the most important stories of their lives! Because photographing a wedding is about telling the bride and groom’s story, I care about moments. I love decorative details. I could shoot beautiful wedding decoration details all. day. long. As important as they are to photograph, since the bride and groom put so much work into planning and crafting them exactly how they envisioned, my number one priority is to capture moments. Candids of the sweet anticipation of the bride and groom right before the first look, emotional vows said to one another during the ceremony, the bridal party praying that the marriage of their friends (B&G) would glorify God and love people, and hugs embracing loved ones who came from out of town to celebrate are why I love shooting weddings. OF COURSE I am obsessed with golden hour bride and groom portraits, shots of the beautiful bouquets, etc. but documenting the raw emotions and genuine interactions of a wedding day are the photos that brides and grooms will look back on years later to remember what they felt and promised one another in front of all their loved ones.

Neal and Sajeena Wedding (7)

I touched on this a little bit when I wrote about service, but as a wedding photographer, I can tell a client’s story best when I know them. I love knowing that my couples are obsessed with Harry Potter and the thing that they look forward to most (besides marrying each other!) about their wedding day is having all their loved ones in one place. Or that the necklace the bride plans to wear is one that her dad gifted her in high school before he passed away. Or that the bride and groom have never kissed, so their kiss as husband and wife will literally be their first kiss EVER. This is the important stuff, and I only know it if I have invested in a relationship with the bride and groom so much that they trust me with these intimate details. Choose a wedding photographer whose images make you feel, and when they ask questions about your day, really tell them the things that are important to you! Every bride and grooms plans their wedding with intention, so please don’t be afraid to communicate the fun and sweet details with your photographer, because what we want most is to serve you by photographing your wedding in the way that you experienced it.

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Don’t forget to check back for the last of “The Three S’s of Wedding Photography” posts on style & skill soon! If you are a bride looking for a photographer or a wedding vendor looking to work together, I would love to chat with you! You can either use the contact form at the following link (https://bloglcphotography.wordpress.com/portfolio/contact/) or email me at contact.lc.photography@gmail.com.

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