If you are reading this, I’m assuming you are somehow linked to the world of weddings! What a gift!! Whether you are recently engaged, have ten friends getting married in the next year, or work in the wedding industry, I believe this post will be relevant to you. I decided to write this post, because many friends and family have asked me why I became a wedding photographer and want to understand what it’s like. I also wanted to write this for brides and grooms looking for a photographer and those who are connected to weddings, in order to explain what is going on inside the mind and heart of the photographer. In writing this series I am drawing from my own experiences as a wedding photographer as well as dear friends in the industry who have shared their hearts on the subject. Every photographer approaches their craft and clients differently, and I believe that it is important to hire or work with a photographer that embraces the thoughts I’m sharing below!

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As I was thinking through how to write this post, my mind went a million ways. There is SO MUCH that I could write about wedding photography, but the most important characteristics of wedding photography are the three S’s: Service, Storytelling, and Style & Skill. Okay, so style and skill are two different “S” words but, I’m combining them to make one, super awesome category. J Today I will just be sharing about service, so be sure to check back in for the next few blog posts to hear about storytelling and style & skill.


We are here to serve YOU, bride and groom! In its most simple form, wedding photography is a service. Therefore, a wedding photographer should seek to serve the bride and groom from the very start. As brides and grooms are planning their wedding day, photography is one of the first few vendors that they book. Because of this, we have the honor of walking with a bride and groom through the wedding planning process. This is an opportunity to not only take pretty photos the day-of the wedding, but to invest in a relationship and serve a couple throughout the whole process. As wedding photographers, you know we’ve been to a lot of weddings. Use us as a resource!! If you’re trying to decide between different kinds of reception lighting, what time to schedule the ceremony, or bridesmaids dresses, ask us! Instead of googling to find a good videographer, florist, or calligrapher, ask your photographer! I have met amazing friends in the wedding industry and would LOVE to send my clients to someone that I trust and know will serve them well.

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I can serve clients best when I know them and what is important to them. As wedding photographers, we want you to LOVE the way that your wedding was photographed. More than aesthetically pleasing images, we want you to relive the day when you look at them, which means that the photographer saw your wedding day through YOUR eyes. To me, exercising empathy throughout the wedding day is the best way to serve the bride and groom, because it enables me to clue-in to the in-between moments as well as photographing the big moments in a way that expresses the bride and groom’s emotion and experience. My favorite photographs from my own wedding were not posed. They were photographs of us embracing friends and family who traveled from all over the country to celebrate and support us, Rob and I getting down on the dance floor with all our friends jumping around us, and my mom leaning into the aisle to watch my dad and I walk up to my soon-to-be husband. How did my photographer know how much these photos would mean to me? (P.S. I’m almost in tears thinking about it…yep…tears.) Because she saw the way my mom and I interacted throughout the day, the anticipation in her eyes as the ceremony began, and knew that it was a moment that I would want forever. And she was right. That’s why she’s an amazing photographer! (In addition to skill…which will be discussed in a later post!!) She knew that Rob and I loved to dance, so when Turn Down For What came on, she knew she better be ready. J And she was. She knew that people were most important to us, so I asked her to follow us around at the reception hugging and talking to all of our people. And she did. Those photos are some of my favorite, and I still treasure them.

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Hiring or working with a wedding photographer who serves clients well is the best advice that I can give to brides and wedding vendors. It is an incredible honor to serve brides and grooms on one of the most important days of their lives. Brides and grooms open up and welcome you in to capture their joy and love unlike any other vendor. Trust your wedding day to a photographer who serves you first!

Don’t forget to check back for the next two “The Three S’s of Wedding Photography” posts on storytelling and style & skill soon! If you are a bride looking for a photographer or a wedding vendor looking to work together, I would love to chat with you! You can either use the contact form at the following link (https://bloglcphotography.wordpress.com/portfolio/contact/) or email me at contact.lc.photography@gmail.com.

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