This family means so much to Rob and I. We love Matt and Tara dearly as friends and leaders of our church small group. They were some of our first friends and people we connected with in Clemson, and I am just so thankful that they have opened up their lives to us. I’ve babysat their boys many times and remember doodling as they colored one time I babysat, and I ended up doodling a little sign with planes, trucks, and tractors on it that said “the Denton boys”. Months later when I was hanging out with Tara I saw that she had put up the sign in their office room. Fast forward a few months and those Denton boys are now big brothers to the sweetest baby girl, Emery Kate. It has been so fun to see our church rally around and support this family as they transition into being a family of five. Matt preached at church this past Sunday and gave us a little glimpse into their family that I thought would be fun to share: “People say, ‘Wow, you guys  must have your hands full.’ Well..that’s only if I could actually catch them.” 🙂 We love you, Denton family, and look forward to watching EK grow up!!!!

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