Matt and Teresa’s love is sweet, playful, and joyful. One of Matt’s friends asked him if he would be interested in going on a blind date when he was in the middle of finishing up his PhD dissertation. To get his mind off of the busy and tiring work of his dissertation he said yes and ending up meeting his future wife. They had had mutual friends for years but had never met until their blind date that night. Matt now lives in Pennsylvania, where Teresa, currently in South Carolina, will join him after their wedding in July! Since they are long-distance for their engagement, you could feel the excitement and anticipation just by spending time with them. Our session was so sweet, because they got to cuddle up, make jokes and laugh, and dance in the light. I could feel them soaking up their precious time together- the last time in the Upstate together before their wedding! At the end of their session they told me that they were leaving to have a date night saying, “Why not!? We’re already dressed up and ready to go!” 🙂 My super talented friend Jenna DiPrima ( is shooting their wedding in Anderson, SC in July, and she kindly invited me to second shoot for DiPrima Photography! I can’t wait to see these wonderful people together again as bride and groom!!!

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