These sweet friends of ours, Clark and Mallory, came to visit us earlier in May for a quick weekend getaway. Clark and Rob (my husband) became good friends in college and lived across the hall from each other. I really didn’t know either of them that well, but it’s funny how you can grow close with college acquaintances after you graduate, move away, get married, and become an adult. πŸ™‚ While they were in town we did a third year anniversary session on Clemson University’s campus and dikes. Mallory was all giggles THE WHOLE TIME (which is so much fun to photograph) and Clark was super sweet, patient, and goofy (which is probably why Mallory laughed so much). My favorite moment by far was when I told Clark to “wrap your arms around her and bring her in close” and he…well I’ll let you figure it out by the photos below. πŸ™‚ These two are a JOY. They exude light, laughter, and warmth. I wouldn’t mind if they came to visit every weekend!!! Happy third anniversary, you two! The Currys love you!

P.S. How cute is Mallory’s hat!? She rocked it.

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