Rob and I have learned in marriage that we have very different ideas about fun, and that includes what a fun snow day looks like. 🙂 Rob gets cabin fever and wants to go for a walk and run errands, and I prefer to go take photos (see below..compromise!) and stay in to make snow ice cream. We did a little bit of both for our Clemson snow day: walked around the neighborhood to see kiddos sledding, having snowball fights, and making snowmen, ran to get groceries to make breakfast for dinner, took photos in our backyard, and made a puzzle and snow ice cream. Oh and we also watched an ENTIRE season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Ooops. It was mainly playing in the background throughout the day. 🙂 My favorite part of the day, of course, was experimenting with snow portraits. Rob is such a sweet husband, and although he dislikes being in front of camera, is always willing if it makes me happy. And these sure do make me happy! ❤

(As always, click photos for full size!)

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