Yesterday I hung out with two of my precious friends and their four boys. It’s FINALLY feeling like winter in South Carolina, so they bundled up all cute to play outside and I took a few photos. It’s really hard not for me to take pictures of kiddos in winter. There’s just something about parents wrapping them up so tightly that they can barely move that is HILARIOUS to me. (see below!!) P.S. For anyone who was wondering since I’ve been posting so many photos of kiddos lately, Rob and I do not have baby fever. So many of our closest friends and families have little ones running around and love countless photos of them, so that’s good news and practice for me! I just wanted to clarify that…no Currys cookin in the oven. ๐Ÿ™‚

P.P.S. Happy almost first birthday to Bowen!!! He’s the littlest Ferrell with the blue hat and rosy red cheeks. The Currys love you!

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